Melinda You can do anything you set your mind to do; all it takes is a little determination!


Melinda is our West Coast gal! She has a passion for the outdoors and sports. She loves cardio, which is how she earned the nickname, “Mel the Machine.” This girl is a WORKHORSE! Mel began as a rider with CycleBar Red Mill and kind of became a permanent fixture in the studio. Being new to the area, she fell in love with the connections CycleBar gave her and the sense of community it added to her life. Her love grew, and her passion for cycling led her to want to teach and inspire others just as she had been inspired. As a nurse, Mel lives to encourage others to live long healthy lives, and this rolls right over into her classes. For Melinda, CycleBar is proof that exercise can be fun, and she wants you to experience that fun and excitement too! She wants you to leave her class feeling energized and ready to accomplish all your goals, both in the studio and in life.

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